Equestrian Flamenco Events in 2023

2023 is a promising year for our agency in terms of Equestrian Shows. In Flamenco Agency we precisely open the year with one of our impressive Equestrian Shows. A flamenco dancer, accompanied by a horse, performs a beautiful and hypnotic dance that leaves every spectator perplexed, turning the flamenco tradition into an outstanding show: https://flamencoagency.com/equestrian-flamenco-show/

This first show of the year took place in January, in ‘Villa Luisa’ https://www.villaluisa.com/, a space in the city of Seville that with its Moorish-inspired gardens and facilities makes you forget that you are in a city. We cannot deny that a place that represents so well part of Andalusian culture fits perfectly with our show. In addition, after this impressive experience, we crowned the evening with a Private Flamenco Show where guests had the opportunity to enjoy the most festive repertoire: from rumbas, sevillanas and bulerias, to tangos and alegrías: https://flamencoagency.com/private-flamenco-show/

All in all, having these shows for any event is a guaranteed success, it will create a great atmosphere among the guests and everyone will have the opportunity to appreciate the art of Andalusian flamenco and its versatility: https://flamencoagency.com/experiences/

The first show of this year also brought us a collaboration between a new Sevilla Congress & Convention Bureau partner, the amazing French photographer Laurent Dalençon, who kindly took these incredible photos for us!

Photos: © Laurent Dalençon