Flamenco Takes the Stage at Savoy Theatre

We are excited to announce that we return to Savoy Theatre in Helsinki, Finland, on October 6th and 7th, 2023: https://www.lippu.fi/en/artist/savoy-teatteri/savoy-flamenco-luxuria-espanja-3377055/

After the successful Finish debut of Fado Flamenco in 2019, and the unforgettable performance by Esperanza Fernandez’s family in 2020 at Helinski Flamenco Festival, accompanied by the dancer Lucía La Piñona; Flamenco Agency is thrilled to present one of our latest production, Flamenco Luxurîa by Barcelona Flamenco Ballet!

The Savoy Theatre is located in the heart of Helsinki and was completed in 1937. It was one of the biggest cinemas in Helsinki for 50 years before it became a stage for guest performances in 1987.

It has a 700-seat concert hall. Because of its acoustically functional hall, central location, and various technical facilities, the Savoy Theatre is an ideal place for concerts.

The program of the theatre includes from contemporary to classical works. So, the Savoy Theatre attracts both local people and tourists as the place to see musical performances, high-quality plays, musicals, and dance.

After these performances in Helsinki, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet will close 2023 performing in Latvia, before we tour the USA in March 2024. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for further updates!