How Can We Move?

On the 22nd of November, we attended an online conference by the EDN (European Dance Development Network). The conference was named How Can We Move? and focused on creating equitable spaces in contemporary dance.

Throughout the conference, we heard from a variety of leading contemporary dance and performing arts professionals and representatives in the industry. These sessions provided a diverse and in-depth exploration of the challenges and possibilities of fostering equality within the dance community. There even featured a Q&A with policy officers at the European Commission, giving us the opportunity to ask our own questions surrounding EU cultural policies.

This was a very interesting, thought-provoking conference which challenged us to reflect on accessibility, discrimination, and inclusivity within our industry. One of the key takeaways that we would like to reaffirm was the idea from scholar and storyteller Aminata Cairo that there are three fundamental elements that we need in order to tell a different story with our work: care, courage, and humility. These are essential qualities in everything we do, and we hope to bring these forwards with us into the exciting future that lies ahead! Thank you to the EDN!