Internationalization thanks to Extenda

Extenda is the public agency of Andalusia in charge of promoting Andalusian companies abroad, helping them to address the international scene:

Due to this international projection, Extenda has opened a new Antenna in Australia, and at Flamenco Agency we are delighted to have the privilege of being one of the first Andalusian companies to open this new office.

In addition, as we promote sustainable actions, the concept of touring is something inherent to our agency. By doing so with the help of Extenda, our intention is to open new international markets for Flamenco, as well as to establish an agenda of contacts that will facilitate the possibility of touring the country and not just performing once.

An example of this is our first performance in Australia, where we will be showcasing “Flamenco Suite” by Compañía Flamenca Antonio Andrade on July 15 at the Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC). But is it worth crossing the world for just one day? The answer is no, that’s why we are going to develop meetings from July 17 to 21 throughout the whole continent, thanks to the internationalization services of Extenda.

For this reason, we have already collaborated with Extenda more than 10 times, such as our stays in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, United States, South Korea, and China, Turkey, Belgium, Italy…

At Flamenco Agency, we believe that internationalization is necessary and sustainable. For this reason, our internationalization actions are oriented towards ecological development and the reduction of harmful emissions that emerge from transportation: