Jerez Flamenco Festival

Once more, we visited the most important Flamenco Dance Festival in the world to see all the scheduled productions and shows. This is the 26th edition of the Jerez Flamenco Festival. This edition has reunited both national and international public with more than 16,000 spectators and flamenco students from more than 30 countries in attendance.

It has been great to see that, year on year, there are more and more women leading companies. Women from all generations; from relative newcomers and for the first-time soloists, Macarena López and Sara Jímenez, to the experienced Carmen Cortés or Manuela Carpio, winner of the Premio Público, in whose show the dancer Pepe Torres was outstanding. Likewise, that award would have been equally deserved by María Moreno.

The dancer, Alfonso Losa, was awarded with the critics’ award due to his creation “Flamenco: creative space”. Other highlights were Manuel Liñán with “Pie de Hierro” and Rocío Molina ending her trilogy. It is always especially emotional for us to see, year after year and in every show, the various artists who we have collaborated with on several occasions at Flamenco Agency. Among them are Pepe Torres, Estévez y Paños, El Choro, La Piñona, Ana Morales, Ángel Rojas, Macarena López, Sara Jiménez and the dancer Juan Fernández – who debuted his own show -, and there are also singers such as Pepe de Pura, Vicente Gelo and Sebastián Cruz, guitarists such as Salvador Gutiérrez, Miguel Pérez and Fran Vinuesa, as well as the percussionists Raúl Botella and Antonio Coronel.

The award for best new artist went to the dancer from Málaga, Águeda Saavedra, who is part of the Andalucía Flamenco Ballet. In the same way, we enjoyed several performances from the dancers in La Guarida del Ángel in the Jerez Off Festival, which is the perfect place for new talents to show off, as in the case of Lucía La Bronce. In conclusion, it was two intense and unforgettable weeks, like all editions of the Jerez Flamenco Festival.