‘Living on the Edge’

From 12th to 15th June, Flamenco Agency has the pleasure of taking part in the IETM Aarhus Plenary Meeting 2023: LIVING ON THE EDGE.

We have attended other IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts) events beforehand, which cherishes the value of art and culture. Through its work it seeks to strengthen the world of professional performing arts through connections and exchanges with realities from all over the world.

This year in June, the IETM annual meeting invites us to discuss the ethical and practical role of the performing arts in the face of climate emergency. The IETM Aarhus Plenary Meeting 2023 inspiring reflections and actions aimed at raising awareness of the positive ecological impact that performing art can have. The aim is to get to know existing artistic practices, discuss production methods and exchange artistic strategies that are environmentally friendly.

This issue is already dear to our hearts, in fact we try to make our operations greener: we recycle costumes already used in the past in 2017, when we premiered “Flamenco, Tradición y Vanguardia” at Festivalul Internațional de Teatru de la Sibiu, for new events; we always prioritize the use of less materials and personnel, less scenography, less cargo, less suitcases and recycling; when we performed at the International Ankara Music Festival we planted 75 trees, as we are ambassadors and participants at the European Festivals Forest; we try to implement sustainable event planning strategies.

Could the arts be relevant in the green transition?

We think so, which is why we are looking forward to attending the IETM Aarhus Plenary Meeting 2023 and having the opportunity to exchange ideas with our colleagues! If you also take part in the event, let’s share ideas and talk!