Summary 2007-2011


In 2011, we took a summer tour around Montenegro where we had five spectacular shows in fifteen days. The Flamenco Agency Dance Company carried out outstanding consecutive shows throughout the whole experience and was praised on our professionalism and attention to detail along with the great passion and enthusiasm of our performers. We tailored this tour according to the needs of the clients, in total for this tour we had 3 dancers, 2 guitarists and 2 singers. The choreography for this tour was produced by Andres Marin a well- known flamenco dancer and choreographer, who himself has performed at many prestigious events including Flamenco Biennale of Seville, one of the most relevant global flamenco festivals. We had a wonderful time experiencing the culture and sights of Montenegro whilst spreading the wonderful and traditional culture of Flamenco.


2010 was a year of many private events performed by the Flamenco Agency Dance Company. The Dance Company themselves have had success all around the world with their shows which have the possibility of varying formats of dancers, musicians and singers.  Many of the events were held at the Hacienda San Rafael Luxury Hotel situated here in Seville, Spain. A beautiful hotel, looking out onto the rolling hills of Andalusia, a perfect venue to watch the passionate and authentic perform by Flamenco Agency Dance Company. Hacienda San Rafael has been a favourite venue for Sevillians and foreigners alike looking to find the perfect, picturesque venue and Flamenco Agency has performed many events here for clients all around the world. In 2010, the art form of ‘flamenco’ was declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. A great development for the art, which means Flamenco will also be preserved and cherished in future centuries, and here at Flamenco Agency our team and artists hope to help with this by spreading the joy of flamenco all over the world with flamenco productions.


Flamenco Agency was lucky enough to feature Andres Marin at The Krizanke Summer Theatre as part of the annual Ljubljana Festival, who is a member of the Europeans Festivals Association. The festival’s rich program of concert, opera, and ballet events features internationally renowned artists, including some of the world’s most recognised names in music and performing arts. Krizanke Summer Theatre is the main venue of the festival and is a gem of 13th century architecture rebuilt to its present form by the famous architect Jože Plečnik. Andres Marin continued to delight the audience with ‘Asimetrias’ at the festival.

The production represents a space in which dance develops. It is conceived on an asymmetrical perspective and combines tradition with avant-garde. Andres, principal dancer performed alongside three other wonderful dancers: Ana Morales, Leonor Leal and Samantha Alcon, three well-known singers: Jose Valencia, Enrique Soto and Londro, two extremely talented guitarists: Salvador Gutierrez and Cano and flamenco pianist Pablo Suarez.


In 2008, we started working with Andres Marin and Belen Maya. We stayed closer to home where we were part of the Oviedo Dance Festival at the Teatro Campoamor in Oviedo (Asturias), the North of Spain. The festival; held by the Council of Oviedo with the support of the Andalusian Council, focused on the development and growth of flamenco. Our dancer Andres Marin performed ‘Asimetrias’, a favourite show with every festival and theatre. The production, renowned for its visual attractiveness was the perfect embodiment for the theme of the festival, as ‘Asimetrias’ is about the proposition for the creation of space in order to develop the dance. Andres appears together with three exceptional dancers: Leonor Leal, Ana Morales and Marta Arias, three well recognized singers: Jose Valencia, Londro and Rosario ‘La Tremendita’, two guitarists: Salvador Gutierrez and Antonio Rey, both of whom have great reputations and flamenco pianist Pablo Suarez. The 1hr 25min show was so well received that Andres went on perform the piece in other countries.


Flamenco Agency had the privilege of being a part of an exciting corporate event in 2007. Our Flamenco Pianist Diego Amador and Dancer Pastora Galvan gave an impressive private performance for a Gala Dinner at the Casa De Pilatos in Seville. Casa De Pilatos, built in the 16th Century is a splendid blend Renaissance, Mudejar and Baroque styles and was the perfect place to host such a wonderful intimate event.

 The outstanding event; hosted by The Duke and Duchess of Segorbe, for Krug Champagne was part of the 3-day Krug Odessy trip. The Odyssey was to show lifestyle writers the processes and heart that goes into making Krug Champagne. As many of the grapes are nurtured here in Andalusia, the company wanted to give their guests a true taste of Andalusia and what better way than with a traditional, authentic Spanish Flamenco Show.

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