At the start of 2014, ‘Among Friends’ performed in Doha at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. ‘Among Friends’ is a visual and colourful show with powerful dancing which encourages a great appreciation of Spanish culture. In addition to Doha, we also had a party in an 18th century Bodega in Seville for the Harvard Alumni workshop, featuring the Flamenco Agency Dance Company. Throughout 2014 we had the opportunity to work with the Carnival Corporation Cruises where we carried out 11 different shows performed by Among Friends. Finally, to end the busy year of 2014 we had an outstanding show in the Middle East performed by Miguel Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre. After weeks of rehearsals we were able to sweep the crowd off their feet. Rhythms with Soul presented a contemporary interpretation of those old melodies and rhythms. Miguel Vargas performed both traditional and cosmopolitan flamenco. He reincarnated a fusion of cultures, musical styles and dances. His suite fervently explored the places of deepest grief and holiest joy in the soul. The passionate dance style was born in Andalucía about 150 years ago as a ‘song of sorrow’ of the Andalucían gypsies, who endured a difficult socio-political situation. Born in the shadows of an illiterate culture, they created that mystery later known as ‘duende’ and other intuitions of surrealism. The show was a tribute to that heritage.

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