South Korea Tour

We will be performing for the first time in South Korea thanks to the invitation by Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival. 

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet will recover the show Flamenco Reborn, that we successfully toured already through Asia during months before the break: 

Founded in 2001, Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival has been chosen as one of ’25 of the Best World Music Festivals’ by Songlines (the British world music prestigious magazine), which means that it is becoming a world-level festival beyond Korea. 

After a private performance on September 23rd, we will be offering a public performance on September 24th at Yeonji Hall of Sori Arts Centre. For further information, please, visit:

The Spanish ACE grants for flights and accommodation have been essential to bring Flamenco to Korea: 

In addition, we will be in Seoul for PAMS (Performing Arts Market Seoul) on September 25, 26 and 27. Look forward to meeting you in Seoul too!