#Beforedark is a plea for dance and scenic arts in times of the pandemic. Artists, from all over the world, rise and shine in times of crisis, and the current situation has witnessed this once again. Artists continue helping society by providing an escape for us, and they will keep on dancing and making music, even in the darkest moments, until just #Beforedark.

Four dancers, four gazes, four languages, united by a will for mutual understanding. Four dancers from different styles fuse their artistic codes to speak the universal language of dance. Everyone has lived this pandemic differently and in different phases. The thread that unifies this piece and its different parts is the experience of each of the dancers, together with the collective process of creating #Beforedark: liberation, transformation, longing, search for identity and fear of uncertainty.

These four dancers have long careers behind them, and they get on stage to present their message firmly, but they’re not on their own, and this piece would be unintelligible to our senses without the music, the mother tongue of humanity. The line-up of musicians allows us to travel through different sound ambiences, from the very roots of flamenco to the depths of West African traditional music.

#Beforedark is a constant emotion. It is a creative challenge based on experiences and it uses what we have in our hands and in our eyes to tell their truth. A truth that, despite the doubts and hard times, is shared. Through that courage it becomes the most beautiful thing in this world, as for what is created from the truth is always beautiful.

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