Andres Barrios

Take the helm, raise the sail, lift the anchor…and a journey around the world begins, on a ship of flamencos who explore their past and roots. They discover that the deepest styles, such as the soleá or the crying of a siguiriya, are not so far from Arab or Indian music or that tangos evoke Jazz and that the bulerías is influenced by Latin. A current flamenco, willing to continue sailing musical seas and discovering new lands to find black sounds of the past and take them to modern cadences, Andrés and his band will not leave anyone unmoved. A musical journey, a great sensory experience that takes flamenco as its flag, music that flows abundantly from his hands to take us to other places, sailing through the seas, lands, rhythms, and sound.

Driven by his Andalusian roots, Andres Barrios has been attracted to flamenco since he was a child. He explores the different styles and brings them to the piano in his own style. He assimilates, in a self-taught way, the Jazz, Latin, and Afro-Cuban music of great musicians such as Chick Corea, Chucho Valdés, Michel Camilo and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, among others, to broaden his artistic horizons and provide inspiration when composing. All this is combined with his classical training, cultivated from a very young age, to give a distinct harmony and aesthetic to his works.

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