Andrés Marín in Riga

We announced many months ago that we will be returning to Latvia with the brilliant National Dance Award 2022, the pioneer of the Flamenco avant-garde movement, Andrés Marín, within the frame of the New Music Festival ARĒNA:

We cannot be happier because we helped our client, this contemporary music festival, to be awarded with the Spanish ACE grants for flights and accommodation:

In addition, this gig is very special for us. We started working with the Maestro Andrés Marín in 2008 when we took him to one of the most prestigious opera houses in Spain, Teatro Campoamor. After 15 years of many different collaborations, as for example Ljubljana Festival and other EFA members, we continue working and doing creative things together:  

Maestro Andrés Marín just came back from a tour in Colombia and he just sold 22.500 tickets with the production “Picasso and the dance” (Picasso y la danza) in Granada this summer 2023.

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