Flamenco piano in Italy

Our pianist Andrés Barrios will bring our flamenco culture to Italy on Thursday 18th May. He will be playing in the medieval village Monteverdi Tuscany in an intimate and evocative setting.

Andrés Barrios, born and raised in Andalusia, where flamenco was born. He trained in classical piano, never losing sight of his passion for flamenco. His personal way of playing flamenco music is new and renewed, willing to continue investigating new musical hybrids and discovering new sounds to meet black sounds from the past and bring them to new sounds. It is a musical crossover, a great sensory experience that carries flamenco as its flag.

In Flamenco Agency we try to range as widely as possible with our productions: from the biggest ones linked to prestigious international festivals where we bring on stage even 20 dancers and 4 musicians, to the smaller and more reserved ones where even the notes of a single pianist can fascinate and create amazement; with both, we try to find the show that best suits the venue.