“Carmen” performs in Finland on July 26, 2024

On July 26th 2024, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet will première “Carmen” for the very first time in Finland at the Black and White Theatre Festival. This performance will conclude the incredibly exciting, jam-packed Baltic-Nordic summer tour, where we would have performed at:

The enticing beauty of this Flamenco Ballet will be performed at the outstanding Karelia Hall which has a capacity of 510 people. The stage dimensions of the stage (width in the front: 15 m, and depth: 9 m) are perfect for a Flamenco show, ensuring a smooth and effortless performance.

Our commitments to maintaining sustainable performances are well-evidenced with this tour seeing as we will be staying in the same areas for as long as possible, splitting the costs of the flights of our clients, all while increasing the visibility of our artists.

This show promises to be an incredible celebration of the art of Flamenco.  We are looking forward to seeing you in Imatra, Finland: https://blackandwhitetheatre.fi/en/barcelona-flamenco-ballet/

For more information about our tours: https://linktr.ee/flamencoagency