Flamenco Experiences at Cartuja Center

The Flamenco Agency team specializes in accompanying its clients to discover the unique and unforgettable Experiences that the Andalusian culture has to offer. Through the experiences that we offer, you will be able to understand the most notorious details of our culture.

As a matter of fact, this year we have already scheduled 4 Private Flamenco Performances at the brand new Cartuja Center in Seville. In these performances we will be proud to represent Granada Flamenco Ballet’s ‘Carmen’. The guests will see the majesty of one of the most represented operas in history fused with flamenco, a mixture that will undoubtedly delight and make them enjoy like no other.

The place is more than ideal for the potential of the performance, as Cartuja Center is one of the best spaces available in Seville for the diffusion of culture and art. With a capacity of up to 3500 spectators, it is one of the best venues to enjoy such a show thanks to its incredible acoustics, in addition to its comfortable and cozy rooms.

By keeping an eye on our social networks, you will be able to find out about each new performance we announce, and thus join us and not miss any of these magical opportunities. We hope to see you soon!