Flamenco Agency are returning to CINARS!

On the 10th-11th of November 2022 Flamenco Agency will return to CINARS for the 2nd time, Located at booth number 168!

The CINARS conference allows us to connect and collaborate with venues and festivals from across the globe. Their mission is to promote and support the performing arts in order to establish new relations between artists and businesses within this fast-paced, ever-growing professional environment.

We will be promoting some of our most popular shows in Canada, such as Luxuria and Flamenco Reborn by Barcelona Flamenco Ballet which have found themselves touring across the world this summer going from Denmark to Italy to South Korea.

Flamenco Machine Project is also one of our favorite contemporary shows. It contains a saxophonist, a guitarist and a singer that come together to create a musical masterpiece and the combination of their talents never fail to amaze an audience.

Find out more about our shows here.

Contact us via emma@flamencoagency.com to arrange a meeting or ask any questions you may have.

Find us at booth 168!