Flamenco Agency returns to Africa!

Flamenco Agency is proud to announce its return to Africa this year, embarking on a journey to the beautiful island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. Building upon our previous experiences and dedication to sustainability, we are thrilled to announce our latest initiative, which promises to blend artistry, education, and environmental consciousness in a harmonious ensemble.

Similar to our endeavours last year, in which we ventured into Cape Verde, our mission in La Réunion remains twofold: to share the rich tradition of Flamenco while fostering meaningful cultural exchanges. This year, our focus will be on performing for schools and engaging in artistic residencies, echoing the successful model we implemented previously.

Central to our ethos is our unwavering commitment to sustainability, thus, we will be spending a whole week there.

First of all, we will perform a Solidarity Concert in quartet format on March 20th. This concert serves as a beacon of unity and compassion, bringing together audiences from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the universal language of music while contributing to charitable causes.

The following day, on March 21st, there will be master classes for schools in quartet format. Education lies at the heart of our mission, and these interactive sessions offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Flamenco, igniting their passion for the arts and nurturing creativity.

This will be followed on March 22nd by our reduced version of our great masterpiece ‘’Luxuria’’ in Saint-Gilles, comprising 4 musicians and 6 dancers! This streamlined format not only enhances the intimacy and attractiveness of the performance, but also exemplifies our commitment to sustainability through smaller productions.

Flamenco Agency remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering connections, preserving the environment, and inspiring hearts across the globe. Join us as we dance to the rhythm of a brighter, more sustainable future!