Luxuria is returning to Romania!

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet will be performing our breathtaking show Luxuria at the 5th Infinite Dance Festival in Oradea, Romania on the 26th of October 2022 at 7:00 PM.

To find out more about the festival follow this link:

Launched by the Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble of the Szigliget Theater, Infinite Dance Festival is for internationally recognized groups that represent all kinds of theater and dance from contemporary to hip-hop! It contains concerts, workshops, visual arts and literary events to enrich their captivating programme.

Our world première of Luxûria was in Romania in August 2021 at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. In addition, we performed Luxûria at Opera Aperta in Cluj-Napoca in front of 3,000 people.

We can’t wait to show Romania a taste of flamenco with our eye-catching show combining modern and traditional contemporary dance styles as well as emotions from suspense to love to tragedy. Get your tickets here!