Pablo Ruben Maldonado

At only 4 years old, Maldonado began to take his first steps in the world of music under the guidance of his father. In order to continue his musical studies, he studied at the Victoria Eugenia Musical Conservatory in Granada, with professors such as Chano Dominguez. As a musician from a gypsy family who were deeply rooted in the art of flamenco, he had the opportunity to collaborate with artists as prestigious as: Farruquito, La Farruca, Rafaela Carrasco, Andrés Marín, and Marina Heredia.

Pablo has always had a deep love for dance and thanks to his project, ‘Almanjayar’, he has had the privilege to work with almost all of the important bailaores in Madrid, such as: Olga Pericet, Marcos Flores, Belén Lopez and La Talegona. He has performed in some of the most important theatres and international festivals, such as: The Flamenco Biennial of Seville, the Festival of Jérez, the Flamenco Festival of Helsinki, the Théâtre National de Chaillot of Paris, the Biennial of Rome, the Biennial of Buenos Aires, and the Flamenco Festival of Moscow, among others.


It could be the essence of his spirit, or simply his presence on earth, I am not sure, but Pablo ‘sells’ something much more than a ‘G minor’, 3⁄4 or just sheer sound… there is something more, you can hear his spirit emanating directly from his music.’ — Jorge Prado, saxophonist, flutist and composer.

This artist from Granada, is currently one of the best Flamenco pianists.’ — Jacinto González, Aire Flamenco

One of today’s most important pianists of his genre, in terms of musical evolution and projection into the future.’ — M RÍos Ruiz, ABC

The fusion of flamenco and jazz by a pianist from Granada is nothing new, but Maldonado’s compositions take it to a new level.’ — Paula Durbin, The Washington Post

The solo concert format which includes his own signature voice is the epitome of flamenco piano. (…) He is the ideal interpreter of the naive frankness that his lyrics bring to us and he delivered them brilliantly. However, Maldonado’s best feature is his hands, and he knows it. He has the capacity to invent some of the most diverse melodies… It was therefore, a sort of Köln concert, or Jondo concert. A kind of ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ or a ‘Well-Tempered Maldonado’. Just as Jarrett and Gould do, Maldonado sings, hums, releases his emotions, and lets his melodies carry him away.’ — Juan Vergilios, Diario de Sevilla.

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